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Integrity is a prerequisite in all dealings within the Perf-up Center.

Which emphasizes the importance of honesty and honesty for everyone in the academic environment, including trainees, administrators and trainers.

Violations of academic integrity include:

There are many forms of conduct that are considered to violate the standards and principles of academic integrity, some of which are enumerated.
But not limited to the following acts and behaviors:
– Intellectual plagiarism and plagiarism.
– Fabrication and falsification of information in reports or signatures.
– Impersonating others.
– Other works.

Procedures followed by the Center to reduce the violation of academic integrity

. The trainee's entry on the platform is followed up and monitored electronically and the time of attending lectures is recorded.
The courses entered and the activity carried out in each course are monitored and the time taken for each activity is determined.

– The full training course must be completed to obtain a certificate of completion of the training course.

– Interns who violate the rules of the center, and violate the academic secretariat may be asked to withdraw from the course/training center.

– Trainees who fail to follow the necessary instructions while attending a training course will be subject to exceptional procedures.

– The submission of any written work is the responsibility of the trainee, and the trainees must submit their work in person on time to the course lecturer.

– It is not allowed to cooperate in the work of the training course, or in the completion of tasks without the express permission of the center's management.

– Interns who sell lectures or research work during their registration at the Center or who receive a fee for their work for others, without obtaining the prior written consent of the Perf-up Center, are subject to disciplinary procedures.

The Center maintains the confidentiality of the violating case. ·

The Center informs the trainee of the disciplinary action prior to execution.