Payment Policy


Our preferred payment method in managing the website is secure payment using a credit card. We guarantee you the protection of your banking transactions with the center thanks to the latest electronic protection technologies, we currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. When paying with a credit card no additional fees are added. This saves you time and ensures a faster payment process next time.

We accept cash payment, as an alternative method of payment using a credit card in the case of services provided within the center, while online services and training courses are paid by credit card of the type of Visa and MasterCard.

Credit card numbers are not stored on our systems, and payment details are protected before being transferred using the latest electronic security technology that follows the highest security standards. As a customer, you must protect your password and not share it with others in order to preserve your personal information and credit card details.

Refund Policy


There is no retrieval of training courses, specialized services or e-commerce files as they are delivered to the customer immediately after completing the order process.